Spectra Radiator CU2994

Spectra Radiator (Part Number: CU2994) specifications:

The brand is called Spectra Premium.
Part Number from the manufacturer: CU2994
22.85 pounds in weight; aluminum for the core
– Plastic is the tank material
– Central Rows: Two
The core dimensions are as follows (W x H x Thickness): 25 9/16 in. x 27 11/16 in. x 1 1/4 in.
Core Dimensions: 27.875 inches
Height at Core: 25.5625 inches
– 1.4375-inch core thickness
Size of Inlet Header: 2 1/4 in. x 29 1/8 in.
Header Width at Inlet: 2.25 inches
– 29.125-inch Inlet Header Length
Diameter of the inlet: 1.5 in.
– Upper Left Corner of the Inlet
– The size of the outlet header is 2 3/16 in. by 28 3/4 in.
– 2.1875 inches for the outlet header width
Header Length of Outlet: 29 in.
1.5 in. is the outlet diameter.
Lower Right is the outlet location.
– Is the Transmission Oil Cooler Included?
– Internal Oil Cooler for Transmission: Nonexistent
Not Included: Engine Oil Cooler, No internal oil cooler for engines
– Three-plate radiator oil cooler size
– 1 1/2-inch radiator inlet connector size.
– 1 1/2-inch radiator outlet connector size.
– Type of Flow: Downflow or Crossflow
– Fan Not Included:
Code for VMRS: 042002001
Toyota Radiator Make
Items Included: Full Radiator
– SDS Not Needed
– Does Not Contain VOCs


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Spectra Radiators

Precisely engineered, this Spectra Radiator (Part Number CU2994) complies with all Toyota vehicle requirements. It provides the best cooling efficiency and longevity thanks to its plastic tank structure and aluminum core. It is appropriate for applications in which internal transmission and engine oil coolers are not necessary. The radiator offers a dependable and effective cooling solution because of its dimensions and connector sizes, which guarantee compatibility with the designated vehicle.

Features & Benefits of Spectra Radiators:

1. Warranty:

  • Standard warranty of 2 years or 40,000 kilometers ensures peace of mind and confidence in product durability.

2. Innovative Engineering and Manufacturing Technology:

  • Spectra Radiator employ cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing techniques to guarantee performance that meets or exceeds original equipment standards.

3. Comprehensive Performance:

  • Designed to replace original equipment, ensuring an exact fit, form, and function for a hassle-free drop-in installation.

4. High Cooling Efficiency:

  • Constructed with high density multi-louvered fins, maximizing cooling efficiency to safeguard engine and transmission components.

5. Rigorous Testing:

  • Subjected to rigorous aging and endurance tests, validating their performance under extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliability in any environment.

6. Cold Weather Durability:

  • Gaskets and O-rings undergo thermal shock testing, ensuring durability even in the harshest cold weather conditions.

7. Inclusive Premium OE Hardware:

  • Premium OE hardware and fittings are included when necessary, providing a comprehensive and complete radiator solution.

8. Structural Durability:

  • The structure and design of Spectra Premium Radiators are engineered to meet the same durability and performance expectations as the original equipment, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation.

Spectra Premium Radiators combine advanced technology, rigorous testing, and a commitment to quality to deliver a radiator solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. With a generous warranty and features designed for optimum performance, these radiators are the ideal choice for those seeking durability, efficiency, and ease of installation in their vehicle cooling systems.

This Radiator fits:

Toyota Tundra 2007 -2021
Toyota Sequoia 2008 -2014

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