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Driver 2Go

We will drive your motorhome or you can ride in ours

MY-IVVI Driver2Go Services. We will drive your motorhome or you can ride in ours

With Driver 2 Go Services, we’ve set a new standard by combining our excellent services with RV rentals. Is all about creating a fun, timely, safe. And Covid-compliant environment for its passengers and pets. When taking advantage of our Driver 2 Go services, customers will receive the following services:


  • Driver2Go Chauffeur Service

Offer to hire our Driver-Chauffeur* for RV Relocation Services and Long Distance Solutions.

We transport all types of RV motorcoaches and towable campers, fifth-wheels, and pop-ups to specialized garages for out-of-town repairs. We can even help deliver your RV when it’s time to sell it or give it to one of the kids.

You have anxiety, can’t fly, can’t drive, you have medical issues, and need empathy, compassion, special services and care during a long road trip. We will drive you and your pet in your RV/rental RV, your family, or your family RV-Motorhome. And We can assist, with trip hotel reservations, and car rentals, and make the trip vacation or a quick trip from point A to Point B.

The amazing thing about a rental RV with Chauffeur is that it covers all your bases using one easy package. Your RV will serve as your office, staging area, hotel room, kitchen, entertainment space and transportation method during the course of your trip.


  • Driver 2 Go Tours & Trips

Travel with our Driver-Chauffeur we offer Escorted RV-Motorhome Tours & Trips in Canada and the USA,  such as camping, fishing, hunting, sport & fitness (yoga, bike riding, horse riding, hiking, diving). Pre-organized excursions and activities, campsites and meal preparation.

The great thing about having a driver you can rely on during festive tours and trips is that you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun because it’s your turn to drive. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about being a responsible driver if your fun trip will include stops and bars and pubs before getting back on the road.


  • Driver 2 Go Professional Service

Hire a driver for your Motorhome- a Professional Driver Can Enhance. Your Trip when planning vacations with friends, destination weddings, honeymoons, spa treatments, bachelor parties and bachelorette trips, etc. Our driver-chauffeur can be set up and waiting at your campsite, resort, or business event.

  • Driver 2 Go Special Packages and Services

Our Driver-Chauffeur has an option:



*Driver-Chauffeur is not sleeping in RV

MY-IVVI Driver 2 Go Service Team realized that you would not expect the driver lives with you in the very small space of an RV Motorhome or Trailer. After driving it to your destination and to sleep in the same room with a Driver-Chauffeur during your trip and vacation.