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Woodlander Wood stove

Winter camps

Woodlander Wood stove

The Woodlander Wood Stove is designed for heating and cooking in various settings:

Canvas tents: Perfect for wall tents, bell tents, and teepees.

Spring-loaded legs and shelves fold flat for easy transport and 3 legs save space in your tent. Whether you’re outfitting a hunting camp, warming up an ice fishing shack, or simply enjoying backyard marshmallow roasting, the Woodlander Wood Stove is up to the task.



It does not rust or corrode, making it ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

It can withstand higher temperatures than mild steel, allowing for thinner material and reducing overall weight

The Winnerwell Woodlander Wood Stove combines efficiency, durability, and convenience—a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures!

Before lighting a fire in your wood stove, carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions.
Choose the Right Fuel:
Seasoned wood that has dried for at least six months. Fresh wood contains excess moisture, leading to inefficient burning and excessive smoke. Creosote buildup can occur, which is a fire hazard. 
Open All Controls:
Ensure proper airflow by fully opening all air intake valves. Most wood stoves have a lever under or beside the door to control the primary air intake. 

Some tips for using your Winnerwell Wood Stove first time:


Kindling Setup:

Start with small pieces of dry kindling to ignite the fire.
Crumple up five or six pieces of dry newspaper. Place the newspaper balls in the center of the firebox.
Light the Fire:
Ignite the kindling using a match or lighter, when the flames are established, add small logs to keep the fire going.

Remember to never leave a fire unattended and keep children away from the wood stove

The Fire Guard is greatly recommended to be used when young children and pets are present to prevent unintentional contact with a hot stove.

It is also important to use it during sleeping to eliminate the risk of the sleeping bag being burned by the hot stove.

To use on both wood-burning camping stoves and flat firepits

Enjoy the cozy glow and stay warm!

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