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Marmore Falls

Marmore Falls

Marmore Falls - the force of nature created by man.

Located in Italy, in the province of Terni, Marmore Falls, or Cascata delle Marmore, is a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans. At a total height of 165m, it is the tallest artificial waterfall in the world.

Whether you are an avid hiker, or simply an admirer of beautiful sites, Marmore Falls is the destination for you.

A Brief History

Marmore Falls was built by the Romans in 271 BC. At the time, this area was a wetland. In order to clear the marshes, which were believed to bring many illnesses, the Romans created a canal to clear the area. This canal diverted the water from the wetland over the cliff at Marmore, thus creating the artificial Marmore Falls.

We recommend taking a guided tour at the Falls to learn a more comprehensive view of the history of this magnificent site.

Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Visa is not needed for EU citizens. May be required for citizens of other countries.
Languages spoken
Currency used
Ticket purchasing
You can purchase your entrance tickets to the Marmore Falls park at the ticket office located in the park, or online at the Cascata delle Marmore website.
Opening hours
The park has different opening hours each month. Be sure to check the Cascata delle Marmore website before you go.
Bring along:
Hiking shoes and clothes you are not afraid to get wet.
Ticket price
The general ticket price is € 12.00. However, the park may have special pricings for specific people, days, or tours. We recommend checking the Cascata delle Marmore website beforehand.

Getting to the Falls

The best way to reach the Falls is from Terni, the capital of the province of Umbria in which the Falls are located. Less than 8km away, many take the train or car from Terni to the Marmore Falls.
Another preferred way of reaching Marmore Falls is from Rome, the famous capital. Most commonly, people take the train from Rome.
For the most comprehensive and easy journey to the Falls, many purchase a guided tour that handles all transportation.

At the Falls

When you arrive at Marmore Falls, you can purchase your tickets at the ticket office, if you have not purchased them online.

When you enter the park, there are five different routes to explore at the Falls, each with a different level of difficulty. You may choose whichever works well for you and/or your group. If you are travelling with kids, there are kid-friendly paths that you can explore.

Each route has different viewpoints, such as Lovers Balcony, that has views you simply cannot beat. We recommend checking the Cascata delle Marmore website to see when the water will be released from the falls, to get the most out of your hike and the amazing views.

You are free to explore independently, or with a guided tour for a more interesting and nuanced experience.

In any case, no matter what you decide to do, bring your hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, and a waterproof jacket or poncho (as you will get wet)!

We hope you enjoy your trip to the beautiful Cascata delle Marmore! Buon viaggio!