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Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

A colourful city filled with beautiful architecture and lively music. Step into a new time and space, and enjoy all that Havana has to offer.

Situated in the province of La Habana, Havana is the capital city of Cuba. This bustling historical city, filled with many fantastic attractions and activities, is like no other. Whether you choose to marvel at the infamous architecture, soak up knowledge in the museums, or relax on a white-sand beach, Havana is the place for you.

Known for its intricate architecture, famous cigars, classic cars, smooth rum, and energetic atmosphere, Havana is must-see destination.

Keep reading for our recommendations for Havana, Cuba.

Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Tourist visa needed for most travellers. Additional restrictions apply for US citizens.
Languages spoken
Currency used
Cuban peso (CUC)
Tropical climate. Temperatures usually range from 20 ºC to 30 ºC.

Why visit Havana?

Like most cities, Havana has intricacies that are unique to itself. Yet, it is never a bad thing to try something new!

Havana is a bustling city bursting with colour. The liveliness of the city, the people, and the music will make you feel like dancing. A breath of fresh air, Havana is steeped in culture and life.

For lovers of history, you can explore the fortifications of Old Havana, visit any of the numerous museums, or simply admire the architecture.

For lovers of relaxation, take a seat and sip some Cuban coffee or smooth rum, listen to the sounds of the city, or lay back on a beach and soak up the sun!

For lovers of art, the city is a living tapestry. Admire the art of local artisans, listen to the upbeat and rhythmic music of Cuban buskers, or meander down any street for a burst of colour and craft.

For lovers of a good tour, Havana has many to offer! Take a tour of a cigar or sugar plantation, take a walking tour down the roads and avenues of Havana, or a tour of the infamous vintage cars of Havana.

There is something for everyone in Havana!

5 Best Things to Do in Havana

1. Old Havana
La Habana Viaja, or Old Havana, is the historic city center of Havana. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its beautiful architecture and fortifications. It contains four main plazas for you to explore. The military Plaza de Armas, the religious Plaza de la Catedral, and the commercially and architecturally bustling Plaza Vieja and Plaza de San Francisco de Asís. Filled with museums, art, local shops, and magnificent views, La Habana Vieja is the place to be in Havana.
2. The museums
Havana is home to many amazing museums that are ripe with knowledge. You can explore the richness and importance of cacao and chocolate at the Museo Casa del Chocolate. Learn the history of the old home of the governors of Havana in the Museum of the City. Understand and experience the historical and cultural intricacies of Cuban tobacco and its production in the Museo del Tabaco. Visit the Museum of Revolution in the presidential palace of the deposed dictator, Batista, and learn about the people who fought for Cuba. There is something to see, and more importantly, something to learn for everyone in Havana's many museums.
3. Malécon
Often labelled as the soul of Havana, Malécon is Havana's long and reminiscent sea drive. You can simply sit by the water and listen to the waves, or take a sunset stroll and feel the energy of the city. Whatever you choose, you are bound to return to the coast. Malécon's beauty is for all.
4. Fusterlandia
Looking for artistic inspiration? Look no further than Fusterlandia! Just a 30 minute drive from downtown Havana, Fusterlandia is a series of art installations for José Fuster. A complete array of colourful and intricate mosaics, Fusterlandia is a beautiful ode to art for all to admire. Surrounding Fusterlandia, you will often find local artists showcasing their works. You are sure to be inspired here!
5. Playas del Este
It is time to relax after all the hustle and bustle of the city! Playas del Este is the name for a long strip of beaches located in Havana. Cuban restaurants, soft sand, and beautiful water are sure to greet you at the Playas del Este. Named a must-see by many visitors, you are sure to enjoy the Playas del Este.