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Winnerwell Wood Burn Stainless Steel Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater

water heat Winnerwell for pool

Winnerwell Wood Burn Stainless Steel Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater

Winnerwell Wood Burn Stainless Steel Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater

Introducing the ultimate solution for luxurious warmth – the Winnerwell Stainless Steel Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater. For instance, Crafted for exceptional performance, this heater turns your water haven into a cozy oasis. Dive in and relish the soothing embrace of perfectly heated waters.

Key Features:

1. Premium Stainless Steel Build for Durability

2. Efficient Wood-Burning Design

3. Easy Installation and Operation

4. Transform Your Pool Time, Day or Night

5. Unleash Unprecedented Relaxation


A little theory:

● First, This water heater is a precision-built, high-efficiency water heater designed specifically for hot tubs. It circulates water using the principle “thermosiphon”-hot water rises and creates low pressure, which sucks water from below.
● After that, It eliminates the need for a circulating pump and electricity, making it possible to heat the water in a hot tub with the heater placed externally. A big advantage is that there will be more space in the tub, which in turn means a smaller model can be selected.
● After all, Every detail of the Winnerwell® hot tub water heater has been engineered for maximum efficiency, utilizing a sophisticated heat exchange design.The stainless steel body surrounding the firebox is actually a double-wall water-jacket, making the entire firebox a heat-transferring surface.

Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater


Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Heater Body Dimension: D×L=600mm×800mm
Firebox Dimension: D×L=380mm×700mm
Pipe Diameter: 120mm

Rear Joint Pipe Dimension: OD: φ51mm; RC 1 1/2 taper thread inside.

Assembly Height (approx.): 3900mm
As a result, Net Weight (approx.): 35.8kg


The water circulation between the heater and the hot tub or pool can be done by gravity, in the case that the connecting hoses/pipes must not be longer than 50cm.

Moreover, If the distance is greater than 50cm, it is recommended to switch a pomp between, but this should not exceed a flow rate of 2000 liter/h, or can be regulated by means of a valve/ball valve. A pump with a low operating pressure (<1 bar) is also recommended to minimize the risk of an increase pressure in the heater.


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