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Rocksolar, ROCKSOLAR 100W 12V Rigid Solar Panel Kit with 30A PWM Controller


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document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function () { const tabs = document.querySelectorAll(‘.tab’); const headerHeight = 150; tabs.forEach(tab => { tab.addEventListener(‘click’, function () { const contentId = this.getAttribute(‘data-content-id’); const content = document.getElementById(contentId); const contentTop = content.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.pageYOffset – headerHeight; window.scrollTo({ top: contentTop, behavior: ‘smooth’ }); }); }); });DescriptionIncludesSpecificationsFAQDownloadsReviewsROCKSOLAR 100W 12V Rigid Solar Panel Kit with 30A PWM Charge ControllerExplore the frontier of solar energy with the ROCKSOLAR 100W Rigid Solar Panel, crafted for efficiency and versatility. This top-tier solar solution is engineered to fulfill your power needs in various off-grid scenarios, making it an ideal choice for a myriad of outdoor and remote applications. It’s the perfect pick for eco-conscious adventurers, off-grid dwellers, and anyone eager to tap into solar power’s potential.100W 12V Rigid Solar Panel FeaturesOptimized Solar Efficiency: Boasting a high 22% conversion efficiency with its monocrystalline cells, this solar panel maximizes power output, ensuring more energy generation even in limited spaces.Robust & Compact: With dimensions of 76 x 67.01 x 3 cm and a weight of 6.48 kg, the panel combines a rugged build with compact design, offering durability and portability for all types of environments.Durable in All Climates: The glass-faced, laminated silicon construction with an IP65 rating equips the panel to withstand varied weather conditions, reliably operating between -20AdegC to +50AdegC.Effortless Installation: Pre-drilled mounting holes ensure easy and secure installation on diverse surfaces, streamlining your setup for immediate use.Flexible Applications: Perfect for RVs, fieldwork charging, camping, off-grid living, maritime settings, and residential solar setups, this panel’s versatility caters to a wide range of energy needs.Comprehensive Package: This kit includes a 100W rigid solar panel, MC4 connectors, and a detailed user manual, providing everything required for an efficient solar setup.Trusted Canadian Support: Backed by ROCKSOLAR’s reliable Canadian customer service and technical support, you’re guaranteed consistent assistance and peace of mind.Energy-Efficient and Sustainable: With the Energy Star certification, this solar panel not only ensures top-notch efficiency but also underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability.Vast Application Range: Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use, as well as solar-powered systems like ventilation, pumps, and lighting. This panel is also suitable for RVs, cottages, and boats, highlighting its adaptability in various settings.Ample Power Output: With a maximum power capacity of 100 Watts and 12 Volts (DC), it provides a steady amperage of 5.56 Amps, adequate for numerous applications and setups.No Battery Needed: This standalone solar panel doesn’t require batteries, simplifying the system while reducing overall maintenance and cost.Long-Term Assurance: Confident in its quality and performance, ROCKSOLAR offers a substantial 10-year warranty from the date of purchase, ensuring long-term reliability and user satisfaction.The ROCKSOLAR 100W Rigid Solar Panel represents a synergy of performance, durability, and environmental consciousness. It’s not just a solar panel; it’s a versatile, sustainable power solution for today’s energy demands and tomorrow’s green aspirations.30A PWM Solar Charge Controller FeaturesIntroducing the ROCKSOLAR 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller – a quintessential element for ensuring the longevity of your battery and the optimization of your solar system. With its cutting-edge 3-stage PWM charging technique, it guarantees superior energy conversion and management. This controller is exceptionally versatile, being compatible with a broad array of 12V/24V batteries, including Lithium, and offers manual voltage adjustments for Lithium users.Extensive Battery Compatibility: Crafted for 12V/24V setups, it’s compatible with AGM, Gel, Lithium, and more. Manual voltage adjustments are available for Lithium batteries.3-Stage PWM Charging Prowess: Incorporates 3 charging modes, ensuring efficient energy absorption and prolonged battery life. Its temperature compensation attribute ensures top-notch performance across varying conditions.Robust Safety Protocols: Armed with safeguards against reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuits, and reverse current.LCD Display Benefits: Sports a backlit LCD that provides insights into system operations, load controls, and error diagnostics, simplifying user interactions.USB Integration: Features dual 5V/2A USB ports, perfect for charging USB-compatible devices on-the-go.Sleek & User-Oriented Design: Its compact design ensures a straightforward installation in varied setups.Revitalizing Lithium Batteries: Masterfully designed to recover over-discharged lithium batteries.Smart Load Control: Automatic recognition of day/night status helps manage the power supply effectively, providing smart control over connected loads.Real-Time Monitoring: With the comprehensive LCD display, monitor real-time data and system status, including charging current, battery voltage, and temperature, enhancing your system’s efficiency and safety.Wide Operating Temperature: Reliable functionality in extreme environments with an operational temperature range from -35AdegC to +60AdegC, suitable for various climatic conditions.Lightweight Efficiency: Weighing just 200 grams, this controller is designed for mobility and efficiency, ensuring ease of integration into any solar power system.Warranty Assurance: Comes with a 1-year warranty, showcasing ROCKSOLAR’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.The ROCKSOLAR 30A Solar Charge Controller is not only an essential component for your solar system; it’s a smart, safe, and efficient way to manage your renewable energy sources, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your batteries and solar panels. It’s ideal for anyone looking to maximize their solar energy output with ease and reliability.Dimensions:100W 12V Rigid Solar Panel: 76 x 67 x 3 cm; 6.48 Kilograms30A PWM Solar Charge Controller: 123 x 178 x 48mm; Weight: 274g ROCKSOLAR 100W 12V Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panel1 x 1 x ROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 100W 12V Monocrystalline Rigid Solar Panel1 x MC4 Connectors1 x User Manual for the Rigid Solar PanelROCKSOLAR 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller1 x ROCKSOLAR 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller1 x User Manual for the Charge ControllerTechnical SpecificationsROCKSOLAR Black Diamond 100W 12V Monocrystalline Rigid Solar Panel SpecificationDetailsManufacturerROCKSOLAR TECHNOLOGY LLCPlace of Business1-800-858-4318Part Number1Product Dimensions76 x 67 x 3 cmItem model numberRSRIG100-001Size100W Rigid Solar PanelStyleCompactMaterialMonocrystalline SiliconVoltage12 Volts (DC)Amperage Capacity5.56 AmpsMaximum Power100 WattsCertificationEnergy StarUsageResidential, Commercial, industrial, off grid, solar energy, RV, cottage, Boat, solar ventilation, solar powered pump, solar lightingIncluded Components100W Rigid Solar Panel, MC4 ConnectorsBatteries Required?NoWarranty Description10 Years From Date Of PurchaseItem Weight6.48 kg30A PWM Solar Charge Controller SpecificationDetailsModelModel-W88-CPV InputMax Open Voltage of PV Module: 55VdcMPP Tracking Efficiency99.50%Light Control Voltage5VCharge ModeCharge Algorithm: 3 StageBattery TypeLithium and Lead Acid BatteryNominal System Voltage12/24VRated Charging Current20ABattery Voltage Range8~32VHigh Voltage Disconnection16V (24V x 2)Duration for absorption charging2 hoursCharge Loop Voltage Drop0.29VSelf-consumption 9.2mA 12V; 11.7mA 24VEqualized Charging VoltageAGM: 14.6V; GEL: No; FLd: 14.8VAbsorption Charging voltageAGM: 14.4V; GEL: 14.2; FLd: 14.6VFloating Charging voltageAGM/ GEL/ FLd: 13.8VLow Voltage re-connection (LVR)AGM/ GEL/ FLd: 12.6VLow Voltage Disconnection (LVD)AGM/ GEL/ FLd: 10.8VOperating Temperature Range-20~55LCD Temperature Range-20~70Humidity Range95% No condensationProtection ClassIP30Dimension123*178*48Installation Hole108*120 5 What is included in the ROCKSOLAR 100W Solar Panel Kit?The kit includes a 100W 12V rigid solar panel, a 30A PWM solar charge controller, connecting cables, and mounting hardware, providing a comprehensive solution for solar energy harvesting.What type of batteries can I use with this kit?The ROCKSOLAR 30A PWM controller is compatible with various types of batteries, including AGM, Gel, Lithium, and LiFePO4, offering versatility in energy storage options.How do I install the solar panel kit?Installation involves securing the solar panel in a sun-rich location, connecting it to the charge controller, and linking the controller to the battery. The process is straightforward and detailed in the provided manual.Is the solar panel waterproof?Yes, the 100W 12V rigid solar panel is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor applications.Can I expand my solar system in the future?Expansion is possible, but ensure the total wattage of added solar panels does not surpass the maximum capacity of the 30A PWM controller to maintain system integrity and performance.What is the warranty on the ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel Kit?The solar panel kit typically comes with a 10-year warranty, which covers any defects and issues related to workmanship or materials.Can I charge my devices directly from the solar panel?Yes, the included solar charge controller has a 5V/2A dual USB output for directly charging USB-compatible devices like smartphones.How do I maintain the solar panel?Maintain the panel by regularly cleaning its surface to remove dirt, dust, or snow. Avoid harsh chemicals and stick to a soft, damp cloth for cleaning.What is the maximum system voltage for the solar panel kit?The maximum system voltage typically ranges from 12V to 24V, but it’s advisable to check your specific model’s specifications for accurate details.Can the solar panel kit power home appliances?The kit is primarily designed for charging batteries, which can then power various devices. Direct powering of home appliances depends on the specific power requirements and system setup.Is technical support available?Yes, ROCKSOLAR offers customer and technical support, with contact details available in the product manual or on their official website.What safety features does the PWM controller have?The controller includes safety features like overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection, ensuring a secure charging process.Download User Manual (PDF)