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Rocksolar, ROCKSOLAR 30W 12V Foldable Solar Panel


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document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function () {const tabs = document.querySelectorAll(‘.tab’);const headerHeight = 150;tabs.forEach(tab => {tab.addEventListener(‘click’, function () {const contentId = this.getAttribute(‘data-content-id’);const content = document.getElementById(contentId);const contentTop = content.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.pageYOffset – headerHeight;window.scrollTo({ top: contentTop, behavior: ‘smooth’ });});});});DescriptionIncludesSpecificationsFAQDownloadsReviewsDiscover the ROCKSOLAR 30W 12V Foldable Solar Panel – a pioneering leap in portable solar energy solutions. Crafted for the contemporary adventurer and the environmentally-conscious, this solar panel is your indispensable ally for excursions, spontaneous adventures, and emergency scenarios. Embodying the convenience of a laptop in its design, it offers unmatched efficiency and flexibility.Product FeaturesPeak Efficiency & Power: Immerse in the benefits of a panel that showcases a conversion efficiency exceeding 20%, guaranteeing optimal sunlight-to-energy conversion.Compactness On the Go: Mirroring the dimensions and weight of a laptop when folded, it’s your ideal partner for hiking, camping, and extended road trips. Just tuck it into your backpack and embark on your journey!Quick & Diverse Charging: Features multiple outputs including 12VDC, USB, and a USB C with QC3.0 Quickcharge technology and PD 60W, accommodating a wide array of devices, from smartphones to power stations.Consistent Performance, Come Rain or Shine: Assured of up to 20-30% of its rated power even during heavily overcast conditions. A trusty power source when you need it most.Splash-Proof Design: Engineered to withstand splashes from all directions, it’s your robust companion against unexpected rain showers or water encounters.Universal Compatibility: With 10 diverse DC connectors, it’s tailored not just for ROCKSOLAR products but a plethora of other devices too.The ROCKSOLAR PromiseWith the ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel, you’re not just acquiring a product. You’re aligning with a vision of eco-friendly living, a dedication to cutting-edge innovation, and a pledge of dependability. Be it camping amidst nature, capturing breathtaking landscapes, or desiring a steadfast backup power source, ROCKSOLAR pledges uninterrupted power.Perfect for:Adventurous Outings & Camping EscapadesEmergency Power BackupExtended Road Ventures & RV ExpeditionsOff-Grid Endeavors & Green InitiativesOutdoor Photography & Wilderness ExplorationFishing Trips & Marine Adventures 1 x 30 Watt Foldable Solar Charger1 x 10-inch Connector Cable1 x 78-inch DC5521-to-DC5521 Cable1 x MC4 Connectors4 x Carabiners1 x User ManualTechnical SpecificationsROCKSOLAR 30W 12V Foldable Solar Panel SpecificationDetailsManufacturerROCKSOLARPart NumberRSSP30Product Dimensions31.12 x 21.59 x 6.35 cmModel NumberRSSP30ColorYellow & BlackMaterialMonocrystalline SiliconPower SourceSolar PoweredRated Power30 WattsVoltage12 Volts (DC)Size (Folded)355mm x 250mm x 45mmSize (Unfolded)885mm x 355mm x 35mmWeight1.33 kgSpecial FeaturesFoldableWarrantyOne YearMounting TypeHookCertificationRoHSBatteries Included?NoBatteries Required?No What solar technology does the ROCKSOLAR 30W 12V Foldable Panel employ?The ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Panel is powered by state-of-the-art PET monocrystalline solar technology, renowned for its high energy conversion efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of the sun’s rays.How does the ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Panel compare in terms of portability?Designed with travelers and adventurers in mind, the panel folds down to the size and weight of a laptop. Weighing in at 2.9lbs and folding to 355mm x 250mm x 45mm, it’s an epitome of portability in solar solutions.Is the ROCKSOLAR 30W 12V Solar Panel resilient to adverse weather conditions?Absolutely! This solar panel boasts a performance that provides up to 20-30% of its rated power even under heavy cloudy weather. Additionally, it features water resistance to guard against splashes from any direction.Which devices can I power or charge using the ROCKSOLAR 30W Panel?This versatile panel can charge an array of devices including smartphones, laptops, power banks, GPS devices, Bluetooth headphones, and portable power stations, making it your go-to solar companion for all electronic needs.Does the ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel come with connectors for different devices?Yes, ensuring wide compatibility, the solar panel includes 10 different DC connectors. This ensures it’s suitable for charging not just ROCKSOLAR products but a wide range of other devices too.How does the ROCKSOLAR 30W Panel aid in sustainable living?Harnessing the sun’s power, the ROCKSOLAR 30W Panel offers an environmentally friendly power solution. It promotes the reduction of carbon emissions and encourages the utilization of renewable energy, making the Earth a cleaner place for all.Is there a warranty accompanying the ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel?Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel comes with a dedicated 1 year warranty ensuring you have peace of mind for your investment.Download Product Manual (PDF)