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Orange Seal VersaValve 48mm Valve Stems

Original price was: $43.95.Current price is: $29.93.

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Say goodbye to clogged-up valves and hello to a perfect seal. The VersaValve’s internal diameter is oversized to improve the airflow and make tire inflation a breeze. It’s also easier to clean out the insides when needed.Includes 2 different gasket profiles to ensure a perfect fit between your rim and the valveOversized internal valve diameter boosts airflow and reduces the odds of cloggingBox wrench-compatible valve nut helps keep the system sealedIn the bag: 2 valve stems, 2 endcaps, 4 valve cores, 4 valve-rim gaskets, 2 o-rings, 2 valve nuts, and 1 valve core removal toolValve length is 48mm