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Polar M600 Smart Watch – Unisex


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With features from popular models, a more accurate optical heart rate monitor, and the Android Wear operating system, the M600 can play (and store) music on an Android phone, receive notifications, use voice commands and compatible apps. An internal GPS provides speed and distance metrics during training, while its accelerometer tracks activity throughout the day. The optical heart rate monitor lets you know how hard you’re working and adds another layer of accuracy to your training sessions. Part training watch and part smartwatch, the M600 is a hybrid that keeps you connected to both your world, and your body.Android Wear OS increases the connected side of the M600, handling: calls, notifications, display customization, voice controls, “OK Google” and music control through compatible apps (much of the connected functionality is limited to Android smartphones)Music playback over Bluetooth from the watch’s internal memory, or if using an Android phone – the phone’s stored musicPolar Flow web service allows you review progress, customize displays, set-up customizable activity profiles, and sync to your favourite fitness appsSmart coaching helps guide you through pre-set training programs, getting you closer to your goalIntegrated GPS tracks speed and distance when active, internal accelerometer tracks activity levels day to dayNavigation works through a paired Android phone and Google MapsOptimized for Android phones, but compatible with all smartphones featuring Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s or higher, and Android 4.3 or higher)When using the M600 with an iOS device, function and battery life is limited, you will still receive smart notifications from your synced Google accountsThe optical heart rate monitor uses 6 LEDs providing a strong, accurate signal, and allows you to train without a chest strapOptical heartrate sensors measure changes in blood volume under the skin, and work best when worn snugly, 1 to 3 finger-widths above your wrist boneBright colour touchscreen protected by CorningA(R) GorillaA(R) Glass 3 and stainless steel bezel