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Red Paddle Co, 10’6″ Ride Love the Oceans Limited Edition MSL Inflatable Paddle Board


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Our limited-edition Love The Oceans inflatable paddleboard promises the same uncompromising quality of our 10’6″ Ride MSL all-rounder, while supporting an awesome ocean-loving cause.Featuring a distinct design by Mexican-born illustrator Circe Oropeza, inspired by the sea life and ecosystems beneath the big blue, 10% of profits from this one-of-a-kind board go towards a charity making big waves in Mozambique to establish a Marine Protected Area as well as community projects such as teaching local children to swim.Own a little piece of Red Paddle Co history and be among a small collective of sea-faring folk to own our first-ever limited-edition board which will no doubt be the envy of all your paddleboarding buddies.But don’t for a second think that its distinct look and big-hearted back story come at a compromise to the quality of this high-performance, all-around board. Its ultra-durable MSL material and indestructible fins give it bulletproof-like qualities, while its 32″ width, round-nose profile provides increased stability and a silky-smooth ride.