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Rocksolar, Rocksolar 24V 1/3HP Solar DC Submersible Well Pump


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document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function () { const tabs = document.querySelectorAll(‘.tab’); const headerHeight = 150; tabs.forEach(tab => { tab.addEventListener(‘click’, function () { const contentId = this.getAttribute(‘data-content-id’); const content = document.getElementById(contentId); const contentTop = content.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.pageYOffset – headerHeight; window.scrollTo({ top: contentTop, behavior: ‘smooth’ }); }); }); });DescriptionIncludesSpecificationsFAQDownloadsReviewsThe ROCKSOLAR 24V 1/3 HP Solar DC submersible well Pump is a robust and energy-efficient solution crafted for your off-grid water pumping needs. Its superior construction combines corrosion-resistant stainless steel and iron, promising a long-lasting and reliable service life. With a 24V DC motor, this DC water pump system can be either solar powered well pump or battery-operated well pump. With user-friendly installation, operation, and minimal maintenance requirements, this reliable DC well pump serves as an ideal solution for a wide range of solar well water solutions and solar water well systems. As an energy efficient well pump, it is a solution for remote water pumping and sustainable water pumping. Importantly, the ROCKSOLAR DC well pump is compatible with various solar panel setups, and it is covered by a 1-year warranty, ensuring quality, performance, and peace of mind for years of enjoying DC well pump benefits.Product FeaturesPowerful DC Motor: With a 24V 1/3 HP DC motor, it ensures reliable operation and sufficient water supply with max flow rate of 3.0GPM@50FT, 1.8GPM@100FT, 0.8GPM @150FT up to 170FT.24V Power System: Operates on a 24V system, can be power directly by solar panels or batteries, it delivers the necessary power for various off-grid water pumping needs.Durable and Robust Construction: Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and iron, promising long-lasting performance and durability.Seamless Compatibility: Perfectly designed for integration with ROCKSOLAR solar panels and various other solar systems to provide solar water pumping solutions.Effortless Installation and Operation: With ROCKSOLAR’s solar water pumping technology, it offers easy installation, straightforward operation, and requires minimal maintenance.Safety Considerations: For optimal performance and safety, keep the pump submerged in water during operation. It’s recommended to remove the pump if not in use for an extended period. Note: Not suitable for use in dirty or corrosive water.1-Year Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality and service.24V Solar DC 1/3HP Submersible Well Pump Includes 1xRocksolar 24V Solar DC 1/3 HP Submersible Well PumpTechnical SpecificationSpecificationDetailsProductRocksolar 24V 1/3 HP Solar DC submersible well PumpPump ModelIron Pump Head, Stainless Steel/Iron BodyMotorDC Brush MotorImpellerScrew TypeVoltage(V)24Cable10MPower(W)250Max Flow(GPM)4.0@20FT, 3.0@50FT, 1.8@100FT, 0.8@150FTMax Depth (FT)170Outlet(inch)1″Warranty1 Year What power source is needed for the ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC submersible well Pump?The ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC Water Pump is designed to be either solar powered or battery-operated. This can be supplied by a suitable solar panel system, a 24V battery, or any other 24V DC power source.Can I adjust the water flow rate of the pump?Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC Well Pump allows you to adjust the water flow rate. The flow rate can be adjusted by regulating the input voltage or using a suitable water flow control mechanism.What is the maximum head height that this well pump can handle?The ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC Well Pump can handle a maximum head height of X meters (or feet). It is important to consider the head height when designing your water supply system to ensure optimal performance.Does the well pump come with a warranty?Yes, the ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC Well Pump comes with a standard warranty. Please refer to the product documentation or contact ROCKSOLAR for detailed information about the warranty coverage.Can I use the well pump for irrigation purposes?Yes, the Rocksolar 24V Solar DC Water Pump is suitable for irrigation purposes. It can efficiently pump water from a water source to your irrigation system, providing a reliable and sustainable water supply.Is the well pump suitable for continuous operation?Yes, the Rocksolar 24V Solar DC Well Pump is designed for continuous operation. It can run for extended periods, ensuring a consistent water supply for your intended application.What is the maximum water temperature that the pump can handle?The Rocksolar 24V Solar DC Well Pump is capable of handling water temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius (or Fahrenheit). It is important to ensure that the water temperature remains within the specified range for optimal pump performance.Can the pump be used for water circulation in a solar hot water system?Yes, the Rocksolar 24V Solar DC Well Pump can be used for water circulation in a solar hot water system. It can efficiently circulate water, allowing for effective heat transfer and energy utilization.Is the pump suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations?Yes, the Rocksolar 24V Solar DC Well Pump is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials ensure reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.Is professional installation required for the Well pump?While the ROCKSOLAR 24V Solar DC Well Pump is designed for easy installation, it is recommended to consult a professional if you are unsure about the installation process. They can provide guidance and ensure proper setup for optimal performance.Download Product Manual (PDF)